Mobile stock management - now with in-store stock transfers to make life easier.

PharmaScan LogoManual stock management is expensive

Pharmacy stock control can be a tedious, time consuming and inaccurate process. Overstocking leads to wastage, while understocking can result in higher shipping costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Manual stock management processes are more labour intensive than processes supported by mobile electronic systems. When done manually, stock management has been found to take an additional 2 hours per day. Over the course of a month, this additional effort can add $1,200* in wages.

Worse still, stock control tasks take your team away from customers.

Efficient and accurate stock management from the shop floor

While effective stock control is a vital foundation for pharmacy profitability, even more important is customer service. Customers come to your pharmacy for personalised care. If staff must go back and forth between the shop front and the stockroom, they are not available for customers.

High performing pharmacies use mobile technology to enable staff to perform many stock management tasks directly from the shop floor. Without leaving customers, staff create and edit orders, receipt stock, change prices and create new shelf and goods labels.

PharmaScan from Corum Health Services is stock management software on a wireless mobile device solution used by many Australian pharmacies to improve their ability to manage stock efficiently without losing customer focus.

How does it work?

  • Efficiently maintain stock levels to avoid out of stocks or urgent shipping
  • Optimise stock management with stock transfers
  • Complete rolling stocktakes and improve stock take accuracy
  • Create and edit orders on the spot
  • Rapidly prepare stock for display
  • Change prices and create new shelf and goods labels
  • Receipt daily invoices electronically
  • View LOTS inventory in real time Assist customers with price checks

What do I need to start using PharmaScan?

You will need to have a LOTS workstation from Corum Health Services. The PharmaScan mobile device integrates to your Corum LOTS-POS. Complement your LOTS-POS with LOTS Dispense for a total solution.

Call us today to arrange a demonstration at 1 300 669 865.

* Based on estimated additional 2 hrs/day for a stocktaker @ $20/hr = $1,200/month.

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