Corum Streamlined Dispensing

Choose to dispense in Classic or with the new Streamlined Dispensing option in LOTS: a more intuitive and user-friendly single-screen workflow.

How it works

Corum Streamlined Dispensing has been designed with the pharmacist user experience front-of-mind - we know that when you can perform simple functions in the same place with minimal effort, it makes your life easier - and saves time!

We've taken on great feedback and created a new way of dispensing which, when you compare to Classic, puts all the important dispense info you need at one time, on the one screen. Highlights include:

  • Improved navigation
  • Easy view and quick access to patient details or history without interrupting dispensing
  • Fewer keystrokes
  • New-look user interface

Streamlined Dispensing is optional and computer specific, meaning that if you prefer to keep things as they are, then you can keep using Classic - or another team member can use one mode whilst you enjoy the other!

CLASSIC MODE                                                                                        


 or try STREAMLINED MODE with all the dispense info you need on one screen


Call your Corum representative to start using Streamlined Dispensing in your pharmacy now!

Enquire about Corum Streamlined Dispensing

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