Corum Clear Dispense

Corum Clear Dispense optimises the end-to-end dispense process, allowing you to spend more time with patients and build customer loyalty.

Does your software support efficient and safe dispensing?

In a modern pharmacy your ability to dispense efficiently and safely is essential to growing your business.

Built to optimise efficiency and safety

Easy to learn

Customisable SIG’s and keyboard shortcuts based on what works best for your team


Contextual workflows that don’t overload you with unnecessary information

All in one place

Access vital information without changing applications via embedded 3rd party integrations

Find what you need fast

Powerful, context based, natural language search criteria

Uninterrupted workflow

Pop-ups replaced with panel alerts to assist decision making and improve patient safety

See what’s important

Colour coded grading for critical information and safety alerts

Information at your fingertips

Detailed patient history on the  main dispense screen

Have it your way

Flexible panels show the information you want, how you want it

Corum Clear Dispense has been designed to evolve with your pharmacy business and support your growth

For more information call 1300 669 865 or enquire now.

Experience Corum Clear Dispense

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