Corum Calendar

Schedule your time, community care, promotions and pharmacy communications with this specially-designed calendar to integrate with your LOTS platform.

Corum Calendar is now available to LOTS users, accompaning Corum Safeguard - for free - as part of Corum Portal. 

(as seen in Pharmacy Daily and Retail Pharmacy Dec.2016)

This feature is enabled for you with any Corum Safeguard registration, has a clean user interface and functionality and most importantly frees up your time, leaving you to do what you do best!

  • Replace those paper diaries and post-it notes to share information between staff.
  • Link events to patients with full integration
  • Access LOTS on the patient screen direct from the calendar event
  • Colour codes event types for ease of use
  • Fully drag and drop

Call 1300 669 865 or contact your Corum representative now to find out how to get Corum Safeguard and Calendar for your business!

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