Safeguard Plus saves pharmacy records in flood

6 November 2017

In July 2016, at the height of winter in rural Victoria, a water pipe burst in the heritage building housing Avoca Gold Chemist in Avoca, Victoria.

But it didn’t just burst while the pharmacy was open. It burst late Friday night and mains water pressure ran throughout the building until the flood was discovered by the locum pharmacist around 60 hours later, on Monday morning.

Roughly half of all stock by volume was destroyed, along with paper files and records. The computers and all electrical machines on and around the dispensary bench ended up saturated, sitting in puddles of water.

The pharmacy, the only one in town, was unable to function. All staff members and locum pharmacists had to quickly remove stock and damaged goods, while counting the losses and planning how to get operational as quickly as possible.

There’s a reason it’s called Safeguard Plus

Pharmacy business manager, Ms Marilyn Smith, contacted her account manager Peter Simaris at Corum Health, to explain the situation. The next day Peter drove from Melbourne to Avoca with a new Safeguard and used the 6 year old POS computer which missed the flood to set up LOTS dispense.

The Corum system has a solid state drive not a hard disk, so there are no moving parts. Peter rescued the drive from the saturated Safeguard and installed the old drive into the Safeguard and got it to start first time. No patient records were lost and the pharmacy was able to dispense scripts again.

Marilyn said, “There’s obviously a reason the system is called Safeguard Plus, as it protected our files and facilitated the fast resumption of trading within three days of the flood. We’re now installing Safeguard Plus into another pharmacy we own, as you never know what might happen.”

“Without Peter’s personal dedication and commitment, I’m not sure how long we would have been out of business. The town depends on our pharmacy for medication so it was important we were operational as soon as possible. We cannot thank Corum and Peter enough for helping us.”

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