Corum Community Newsletter - January 2018

25 January 2018

Is your next promotions strategy ready?

Whether you want to run a Valentine's Day promotion on chocolates or just offer pocket tissues during heyfever season, Corum LOTS POS let's you easily create sale prompts so you can use the sale of fast-moving items to promote companion items.

Pharmacy staff can avoid cross-selling if they are not confident promoting companion items. Help them recommend products by programing item stock cards in Corum LOTS POS with:

  • Sales prompts at POS
  • Sales prompts at Dispense

Corum LOTS POS can help staff gain confidence in their selling abilities.

Get the most out of your next in-store promotion. Contact your account manager or call us on 1300 760 022 if you want help to implement your next in-store promotion.

Don't let the codeine upscheduling be painful

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recently announced that from 1 February 2018, medicines containing codeine will no longer be available without a prescription*. Admittedly, not everyone is happy with the decision to upshedule selected pain, cough and cold medicaitons, but the reasons are very sound. Proponents have argued that the ban is necessary to reduce the risk from misuse, including addiction and even death.

While medications containing codeine are no longer as readily available over the counter, pharmacists can continue to serve patients suffering chronic pain through the Government's new $20m Pain MedsCheck program, launched 25 January 2018**.

Pain MedsCheck will operate under the banner of the 6CPA. It has the potential to engage all of Australia's 5,700 community pharmacies. Through a Pain MedsCheck, pharmacists can evaluate and review a patient's medicine and the pain management program that is being undertaken, and ensure it is supporting their clinical needs.

Corum LOTS Dispense can support delivery of the Pain MedsCheck program by facilitating the creation, addition and reporting of Client Interventions.

To learn more about how you can use Corum LOTS, contact us today.

Encourage adherence to medication

Medication non-compliance is common in patients with chronic disease and anyone who is prescribed preventive medication. Such noncompliance has many implications, including the risk of leading a prescriber to escalate treatment, potentially dangerously.

Various programs exist to combat non-adherance, like patient education, shared decision making, pharmacist support and motivational interviewing. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has shown that pharmacy-led complianc measures are particularly effective, including an easily forgotten first step of ensuring that the patient prescription is filled***.

Community pharmacists using Corum LOTS Dispense can easily run End-of-Day Reports detailing any uncollected scripts. This gives them added visibility into which patients to focus on, and could mean the difference between treatment and suffering.

Corum account managers are expert users of Corum LOTS. To learn more about running reports, contact your local account manager today.


* For additional information, please visit the Codeine Information Hub operated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

** For additional information, please visit the Press Release available from the Honourable Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health.

*** National trial to test strategies to improve medication compliance in a community pharmacy setting. (2018). 1st ed. [epublication] Sydney: PWC, pp.8-15. Available: here [Accessed 31 Jan. 2018].

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