News – December 2016

New Year LOTS Checklist Part 2: Claim numbers for 2017

23 December 2016 - Why does my first Claim of 2017 begin with a ‘16’, shouldn’t this be ‘17’? Claim numbers are generated on the following formula: The first two numbers are derived the last two digits of the year of...

New Year LOTS Checklist Part 1: Safety Net numbers and Patient Profile

23 December 2016 - Why are previous year’s Safety Net numbers displaying in Patient Profile? At the beginning of every year, after the January Drug Update is run and LOTS Start Menu is opened for the first time, the Safety Net details...

Corum Health Services December newsletter

19 December 2016 - Hello to our Corum community!  Whilst we're all rushing busily toward a couple of days' rest and celebration with friends and family, we are also reflecting on the year that was and planning for 2017.  What were the...

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