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Corum Clear Dispense

next generation pharmacy software for community pharmacy dispensing corum clear dispense
Easy to Learn

Customisable SIGS and shortcuts based on what works best for your team

Find what you need fast

Powerful, context based, natural language search criteria

Global Data
All in one place

Access vital information without changing applications via embedded 3rd party integrations


Contextual workflows that don’t overload you with unnecessary information

Information Finger
Information at your fingertips

Detailed patient history on the main dispense screen

Uninterrupted workflow

Pop-ups replaced with panel alerts to assist decisions making and improve patient safety

Have it your way

Flexible panels show the information you want, how you want it

See what's important

Colour coded grading for critical information and safety alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Corum Clear Dispense due for general release?

Corum Clear Dispense is now in general release with ongoing regular updates scheduled.

What integrations will be available at general release?

Corum Clear Dispense will integrate with LOTS POS, eRx, Guildlink, DD Book (Modeus) and all common pharmacy POS. Further integrations will be released progressively.

What will happen with LOTS Dispense after the full release of Corum Clear Dispense?

LOTS Dispense will continue to be supported with ongoing updates to ensure that the product continues to meet the needs of community pharmacies. Advanced features that take advantage of the leading-edge design of Corum Clear Dispense will only be available on that platform.

What are the recommended hardware and software requirements?

Will Corum Clear Dispense have MyHR integrated?

Integration with MyHR is on our roadmap with timing dependent on certification with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA).

Will I be able to keep my dispense history from my existing dispense system?

Yes, the amount of historical data able to be transferred will typically range from 2-4 years, but is dependent on your average daily script volume.

Can I trial Corum Clear Dispense?

Corum Clear Dispense is available for you to experience – please contact one of our Corum Health representatives.

Will Corum Clear Dispense operate in the same way as my existing dispense system?

Corum Clear Dispense has an optimised workflow in comparison to other dispense systems. For seamless transition, Corum Clear Dispense allows the import of existing keyboard shortcuts and SIGs from other systems, enabling the user to work with familiar keystrokes and codes.

Is Corum Clear Dispense based in the Cloud?

Corum Clear Dispense is cloud-ready but will operate on premise in the near-term. Other cloud-based systems have proven that Australia’s internet infrastructure is inadequate to effectively operate a cloud-based transactional system in a fast-paced environment such as pharmacy.

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