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Pharmasol LOTS

Pharmasol LOTS

LOTS is a fully integrated, windowsbased pharmacy solution. Sharing a single database, it facilitates advanced POS and dispense operations plus detailed daily reporting on turnover and profit.

With a single database LOTS eliminates data entry duplication between POS and dispense, reduces GST complexity, and ensures standard processes occur with ease and efficiency. Enter customer and product details once only and perform almost any task from any screen in your store, accessing the required information easily with minimal keystrokes.

Print, order, view history, add club members and more in the middle of other tasks
Sell, look up debtors, dispense, report and more from any screen

As the most widely used POS product in retail pharmacies you can be sure of its ease of use and familiarity among new staff. And, as an innovator – the first to include standard sigs, barcode scanning and a single database – continuous enhancement to keep up with your needs is certain.

POS benefits
Interaction checking
Automatically check interactions between OTC and prescription items

Cash security
Enhance cash security by performing cash lifts triggered by preset till limits plus ‘blind’ reconciliation to eliminate till skimming

Script queuing
Streamline your scripts in/out process by entering script details electronically and prioritising dispensing with script queuing

Barcode flexibility
Scan unlimited barcodes for each product

Order accurately based on actual sales history plus rolling/ scanning stocktakes; fully integrated with PharmX

Loyalty clubs
Increase customer loyalty with flexible club options for gift vouchers and free gift triggers plus adding or excluding stock

Sales promotions
Manage sales promotions such as multi-buys, companion sales and bonus buys

Storage locations
Assign products to a physical location to perform stock valuation reports and ensure quick identification; also applies in dispense

Diary notification
Manage staff time by scheduling tasks or reminders and leaving messages for automatic notification

Track and report on lay-bys in the lay-by module

Manage profitability by analysing and making changes according to annual sales history, overstocked/dead items, best/worst sellers, product groups and item sales

Dispense benefits
PBS Online
Dispense and claim more efficiently with PBS Online

Total script management
Streamline your scripts in/out process with script queuing and notifications for CMIs or tax invoices; customers can request scripts at any till or dispensary and advise a preferred collection time, automatically prioritising your scripts waiting

Micromedex advanced interaction screening
Dispense safely with alerts for drug, condition or allergy interactions

Record and report on all types of interventions

Dosage checking
Dispense to children safely with alerts for unsuitable drugs or dosage for children younger than 12 years

Standard drug instructions
Dispense faster with standard instructions for all drugs

Barcode repeat scanning
Dispense repeats more accurately with barcode scanning

Script/drug verification
Reduce selection errors with drug barcode scanning

Daily script editing
Easily edit details by viewing scripts created on a particular day

Track PBS Online claims, patient history and owing scripts

Data conversion
When you convert to LOTS you’ll receive the most accurate and complete conversion of your pharmacy data available. Our conversion program can expertly transfer your data into LOTS regardless of the software you previously used.

You can rely on our Customer Support team to support you 7 days a week. They will even manage relevant third party relationships for you to facilitate the quickest and most effective solution. Ask about our hardware care program.

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